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RTV Series Petrol/Diesel

Kubota RTV400Ci / RTV500 / RTV-X900 / RTV1140

Introducing Kubota RTV range – the rugged off road utility vehicle. Whether through field, down hill, over track or on road, the RTV goes where other utility vehicles can’t.

RTV400Ci is a compact unit which features a heavy duty platform, air cooled Kubota single cylinder electronic fuel injected (EFI) petrol engine for chokeless quick cold starts, plus an advanced transmission with inertial clutch (CVT Plus) for excellent response and reliability with 4WD capability ideal for livestock, amenity or country pursuits.

RTV500 is quiet, compact RTV features Kubota’s durable liquid cooled EFI petrol engine and Kubota’s innovative variable hydrostatic transmission to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The RTV500 is powerful and rugged enough to handle any terrain with outstanding traction and power with a comfortable operator area for a full day’s operation.

RTV-X900 is an all-new RTV which brings a smoother ride, more comfort, even better drivability and more legroom to Kubota’s extraordinary RTV Series. So, wherever you want to go, whatever the terrain, you can count on the RTV-X900 to get you there.

Ergonomically designed for optimum driver and passenger comfort and control, the RTV-X900 offers improved leg room, deluxe split-bench seat, digital easy read  instrument panel, additional under seat storage taking Kubota’s RTV driving experience to greater new levels of comfort and convenience.

RTV1140 is ready for the season, the new RTV offers exceptional versatility, power and all year round capability. Carrying up to 4 guns (plus dogs) comfortably, the RTV1140 is designed to work on the toughest terrains.

A powerful 3 cylinder 24.8HP engine combined with Kubota’s unique variable hydro transmission delivers excellent acceleration, optimum traction and unrivalled hill control. Whether it’s carrying guns to hauling heavy loads, the RTV1140 provides a flexible choice, converting simply in 3 easy steps to access a full cargo bed capacity.


  • Pertol or diesel engine
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Ergonomically designed
  • ROPS as standard
  • Optional road lighting kits
  • Optional extras, please ask for further information

Price on request

Model RTV400Ci RTV500 RTV-X900 RTV1140
Engine OHC air cooled EFI OHC water cooled EFI D902 OHV D1105-E3-UV
Fuel type Petrol Diesel
Horsepower 16hp / 4800rpm 15.8hp / 3600rpm 15.4hp / 3200rpm 24.8hp / 3000rpm
Transmission CVT Plus VHT Plus VHT-X  VHT Plus
Max travel speed 40km/h  
Drive system 4WD w/2WD selection 4WD Rear 2WD or 4WD
Diff lock Hand operated w/mechinical holder Foot operated
Gear selection Hi-lo range forward, neutral, reverse   Hi-med-lo range forward, neutral, reverse
Brakes Dry-disc Wet-disc 
Parking brake Rear wheel, hand lever  
Cargo bed load 200kg 500kg 300 - 500kg
Bed WxLxD 1032x856x290mm 1465x1030x285mm Variable
Payload capacity 480kg 430kg 679kg 730kg
Max rolling weight 500kg 579kg 590kg