Torrent Blower

Torrent Blower

Operators will love the wireless controller that allows them to shutdown with a touch of a button, idle down when needed, and easily increase or decrease blowing force. It also has a faster nozzle rotation speed, that goes a full 360° and allows the operator to dial in the exact direction they want.

  • Multiple air speed settings (allows for quick adjustments on the fly)
  • Idle up/Idle down & resume settings buttons (for ease of operation) 
  • Closed-off deck reduces debris pickup (decreases wear on the turbine & minimises dust & debris around the operator)
  • Adjustable height (ensures proper alignment for a variety of vehicles)
  • Heavy-duty frame, rugged tow bar, one-piece nozzle made of impact resistant rotomolded polyethylene
  • Fast nozzle rotation speed for quick direction changes


Product Code Description Weight Width Height Length Nozzle Rotation Tongue Weight


Smithco Torrent Blower

575 lbs

Outside of tire to outside of tire: 48"

Nozzle pointing up:  40.5"

To top of engine:  36"


Full 360 degrees  35 lbs