Diesel Engines


Kohler KDI

Kohler KDI

The Kohler KDI series offer a clear, effective and functional solution for an ever growing demand for compact engines with high power density, low fuel consumption and a smooth, linear power delivery throughout the entire period of use. This will ensure maximum productivity and an emission containment strategy that is effective yet easy to manage both from a technical and maintenance viewpoint.

Yanmar Diesel Engines

Yanmar Diesel Engines

Yanmar engines are made for today, with tomorrow in mind. Designed to last, manufactured from first class materials, delivering top performance.

Every component of your Yanmar engine is the product of an incredible amount of ingenuity and that is why Yanmar Genuine Parts are essential to retain the best quality and performance for your Yanmar engine.

The perfect finish starts with the right equipment

At Sharrocks we work with industry leading manufactures to be able to supply our customers with the right equipment when it’s needed. With ever increasing requirements, optimum reliability, proficient fuel economy and versatility are key in reducing workloads and increasing productivity. Sharrocks have a wide range of machinery displayed at their two showroom locations; Wrightington (Lancashire) and Arclid (Cheshire). Supplying to Agriculture, Groundcare, Municipal, Golf, Contractor, Estate Management and the Home Owner.

Whether your requirement is for sales, contract hire, spare parts or service and repair - everybody at Sharrocks is ready to help.

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