The Rink Range

The Rink Range

A typical synthetic field loses 5 -10% of its infill over a year.

Rink SP950

Walk-in-front is powered by a 6.5hp engine, and the weight of the machine is evenly distributed over 7 wheels in order to minimize ground pressure.

Rink TB950

Tow behind is a wheel drive topdresser and can be pulled by virtuall any vehicle. The brush and conveyor belt are driven by the wheels (either 2 or 4 wheels driven), ensuring a consistant application rate.

Rink Spreaders for Utility vehicles (1204 / 1205)

The hoppers of the spreaders are made of aluminium to reduce the total weight, so that they can be placed on top of the utility vehicles.

Rink 1005

Is carried in the 3-point hitch of a tractor.

Rink 1010

The floatation tyres minimize ground pressure and the lightweight hopper is made of aluminium to aoid rusting.

Rink 1210

Is low to the ground for easy refilling and ensuring the operator a good rear view.

Rink 1520

Is extremely accurate while spreading.

  • Auxiliary tank and pump unit (Rink 1010,1210,1520)
  • Own 13hp engine (Rink 1010,1520)
  • 4 pivoting wheels (Rink 1520)
  • Drysand plate/Hopper extension kit to 2.0m3 (Rink 1204,1205)
Model Spreading width Spreading thinkness Weight Hopper capacity level Tractor / Vehicle Double acting Valve min. oil supply
 SP950  0.95m (37") 0.3 to 10mm  280kg  0.33m3  self-propelled 6.5hp engine  N/A
 TB950  0.95m (37")  0.3 to 10mm   190kg   0.33m3   Towed (any vehicle)    N/A 
 1204  1.80m (71")   0.3 to 10mm  300kg   1.0m3   Cushman Turf-Truckster   N/A
 1205  1.80m (71")  0.3 to 10mm  300kg  1.0m3  JD Progator/Toro Workman  N/A
 1005  1.50m (59")  0.3 to 10mm  200kg  0.75m3  25hp+    3-point hitch  12L/min @120bar
 1010  1.50m (59")  0.3 to 10mm  270kg  0.75m3  20hp+    3-point hitch  12L/min @120bar
 1210  1.80m (71")  0.3 to 10mm  370kg  1.0m3  20hp+    3-piont hitch  20L/min @140bar
 1520  1.40m (55")  0.3 to 40mm  950kg  2.0m3  25hp+    3-point hitch  25L/min @140bar

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