The history of the SnowEx is a long list of innovations. Low-maintenance motor/transmission drive systems, v-box spreaders with corrosion resistant poly hoppers, a wireless-controlled utility spreader, the job-tracking Salt-Traxx™ system for hopper spreaders. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with what they've done … and what they will do … to give you more productive, longer lasting, easier to use equipment solutions.

SnowEx believe their equipment is the most reliable on the market. That’s nice, but it doesn’t mean much unless they're willing to back it up. So, in 2001, SnowEx became the first to include a 2-year parts & labor warranty on all equipment. From that point until now, SnowEx is doing much more than just claiming reliability … they're guaranteeing it.

Truck Bed

With capacities from 0.5 to 6.0 cubic yards, these proven performers feature direct drive auger transmission and independent spinner control for precise, even material distribution. With a variety of innovative performance features, the Pro-Series hopper spreaders are designed for maximum efficiency.

Pre Wet Integration


Turn your utility vehicle into an ice control master with a spreader designed specifically to fit the bed of most UTVs.
Fitted Tarp


SnowEx® offers a wide variety of tailgate spreader options, from compact wireless utility vehicle models to large capacity sand and salt handling tailgate spreader models, and everything in between. Choose from a variety of power and mounting options to meet your unique ice control needs.
3-Point Mount


Choose between a compact ground-drive salt spreader, and the 1.5 cu yd dual electric towable sand and salt spreader. Both Tow Pro™ spreaders are designed to efficiently tackle a wide variety of specialty applications.
Shutoff Gate


These walk-behind drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are built with features the pros demand, like a powder coated steel frame, pneumatic tires, and a sturdy polyethylene hopper, to deliver years of reliable trouble-free salt-spreading performance.
Sidewalk Deflector

There are multiple mount options and accessories for the various models, please contact our sales teams to discuss your full requirements.

Wrightington   01257 422710

Arclid             01477 500700

Type Model Description Capacity
Utility SP575X-1 Spreader Inc. vibrator kit 163 ltrs
SP1575-1 Spreader
SP1875-1 254 ltrs
Mounts Required -contact our sales department
Bed Mounted   SP2000 V-Pro spreader 300 ltrs
SP3000 380 ltrs
SP6000 800 ltrs
Highway Trailer to suite SP3000 or SP6000
SP7550 V-Maxx spreader 1200 ltrs
SP8500 1600 ltrs
SP9300 2300 ltrs
SP9500 3200 ltrs
Highway Trailer to suite V-Maxx (excludes 9500)
SP9300X Supermaxx spreaders 2300 ltrs
SP9500X 3200 ltrs
SP9800X 4500 ltrs
Drop SD600 Drop spreader 170 ltrs
SD1400 400 ltrs
Mounts Required -contact our sales department
Pedestrian SP65 Pedestrian spreader 47 ltrs
SP85 76 ltrs
SP85 SS SP85 with stainless steel frame
Pedestrian Drop SD95 Pedestrian drop spreader
SD95 SS SD95 with stainless steel frame
Liquid Brine   SL80 Pedestrian liquid sprayer 56 ltrs 
SL80 SS SL80 with stainless steel frame
VSS-1000 Liquid de-icing system 378 ltrs
VSS-2000 757 ltrs
VSS-3000 1135 ltrs


The perfect finish starts with the right equipment

At Sharrocks we work with industry leading manufactures to be able to supply our customers with the right equipment when it’s needed. With ever increasing requirements, optimum reliability, proficient fuel economy and versatility are key in reducing workloads and increasing productivity. Sharrocks have a wide range of machinery displayed at their two showroom locations; Wrightington (Lancashire) and Arclid (Cheshire). Supplying to Agriculture, Groundcare, Municipal, Golf, Contractor, Estate Management and the Home Owner.

Whether your requirement is for sales, contract hire, spare parts or service and repair - everybody at Sharrocks is ready to help.

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