The new engines of the 40 to 67 HP class are characterised by reduced fuel consumption and extremely low pollutant emissions. The new engines of the 40 to 67 HP class are characterised by reduced fuel consumption and extremely low pollutant emissions.


Specific to the IQ range of TG tractors the Headland management controls are perfect for when working with turf maintenance implements as an example.  PTO Stop/Start function allows you to stop the PTO when the link arms are raised for ease of operation.  

PTO Stop in reverse lifts the arms to a preset ehight if reverse gear is selected to prevent any damage to implements, these are fully adjustable. 

Four wheel drive activation for the ultimate control whilst working and electronic draft control. 

IQ Gearbox 

Specific to the IQ range this powerful range of tractors come with an innovative dual-clutch gearbox, combining the ultimate comfortable automatic operation with the advantages of manual gear changes.    

HST Controls 

Cruise Control: Once the working speed is achieved the cruise control can be set to remain a constant speed even if the HST pedal is released. Perfect for a variety of turf maintenance implements where accuracy is required. 

Memory/ Resume: When working the tractor on cruise control you can cancel the speed by depressing the brake whilst maneuvering, pressing the Cruise memory function allows the previously set speed to be resumed.

Speed Control: To keep operators and the working environment safe the maximum achievable speed can be set to limit revs when the HST pedal is fully depressed.

Response Control: This function allows the hydrostat to be adjusted to suit the job in hand, whether it is fast loader work or slow moving warehouse or stock movement.


With superior lift capacities up to 1600kg the ISEKI TG6 range of compact tractors offers all you need to run implements without the need to increase the size or horsepower of your tractor.  Manufactured with a 3-point, Category 1 hitch or Category 2 for the TG6687 model and rear PTO shaft at 540rpm and 750rpm operating independently from the operators seat. 

FOCUSED ON THE BENEFITS The ergonomically designed cabin offers a comfortable operator environment. Line-of-sight has been carefully considered to ensure safe and accurate operation of tractor mounted equipment. Wide opening doors and steps mounted on both sides of the cabin ensure safe and easy operator ingress and egress.

Bright LEDs are easy to read - even in direct sunlight. Self-explanatory and easily understood pictograms provide the driver with comprehensive information. Ergonomically placed switches enable intuitive operation of the tractor. Diagnostic displays assist the driver in identifying faults in the event of a breakdown.

The TG Range:

The TG6407 IQ features an ISEKI Stage V, 3 cylinder 40hp diesel engine with IQ Dual-Clutch transmission F24/R24 that offers the control of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. There are 8 clutchless speeds and 3 ranges. Gears are changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate. If ‘D’ is selected then gears 4-8 are operated automatically - ideal for roadwork or towing. TG6407 IQ is available with ROPS or an air-conditioned Category 2 cab. A front loader joystick, draft control, up stop PTO and linkage lift in reverse are all supplied as standard. The tractors are offered with either Ag or Turf tyres as standard. Optional loaders, either standard or with parallel lift are available.

The TG6507 49hp turbo diesel is available with IQ or HST transmission. The HST features the 2-stage servo  hydrostat transmission offering three speeds with high and low ranges. It has an electronic shuttle lever plus controls for maximum speed, hydrostat response and cruise control with a resume speed memory function.  The TG6507 with Dual-clutch IQ gearbox has F24/R24, an automatic option and finger-tip shuttle control.  The uprated air-conditioned category 2 cab has increased visibility for the operator. A front loader joystick and mid-mounted outlets are standard. Turf or Ag tyres available alongside a optional front loader.

The TG6557 PS tractor is available with a factory fitted, fully air-conditioned category 2 cabin. It features a 55hp four cylinder, Stage V diesel engine, with a F12/R12 power-shuttle transmission. The rear, category 1, 3-point linkage has a capacity of 1,600kg at ball end and 1,500kg at 24 inches.  Draft control, two auxiliary valves and a front loader joystick are all as standard. The rear PTO is 2-speed with a mounted switch for stationary use and a 2,000rpm mid PTO. An optional front loader is available. It is supplied with either Turf or Ag tyres.

The TG6675 features a 67hp four cylinder, Stage V diesel engine and is available with HST or Power Shuttle transmission. This compact tractor is available with a factory fitted, fully air-conditioned category 2 cabin as standard.  The PS has a F12/R12 power-shuttle transmission and HST has a 3 range transmission with Hi/Lo selection (F6/R6), response and cruise control. The rear category 1 or 2, 3-point linkage has a capacity of 1,600kg at ball end, 1,500kg 24“ behind on the TG6687 PS and 1,580kg at ball end, 1,400kg 24“ behind on the TG6687 HST.  The rear PTO is 2-speed with a mid PTO also included. An optional front loader is available. It is supplied with either Turf or Ag tyres.

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