The 7110 model has a working width at only 1m making it suitable for limited access areas, where as the 2220 model at 2.08m is ideal for larger compacted areas. 

The 72 Series Verti-Drains are well suited to lower hp tractors where access is restricted or a lighter footprint is required. These highly productive machines are easily adjusted and work to a maximum depth of 25cm (10") and use 12mm or 19mm (½" or ¾") tines or mini-tines which are often used for Summer aeration.

The 7316 model is an efficient machine for use on sports fields and all areas of the golf course, the 7416 model is light enough for application on the golf greens, whilst strong enough for hard soils.

The 7526 comes into it's own in large open spaces like race tracks, fairways and large sports fields.

Contractors and golf clubs widely use the 7521 model.

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Note: Features/Optional extras maybe only be avaible on certain models, please contact our sales department for further information.

  • 32hp Pedestrian Carrier available for use with verti-drain model 1513 
  • Wheel Kit -A retro-fit bogey wheel system for easy transport (also reduces tractor lift capacity requirements) 
  • Windrow Kit - Alignes cores for easy collection
  • Core Collector
  • Rotating brush
  • Turf hold down fingers - removes danger of damage to turf, even with shallow roots
  • 5mm Multi Tine Head - for overseeding or light summer aeration
  • 8mm Needle Tine Head - also known as pencil tines, these can be one of the least-disruptive cultural practices used on greens
  • Rocket Tines for the 76 series - for use in introducing large amounts of sand into the top soil
  • Rear roller kit 
  • Hydraulic depth control
  • Additional Solid and Hollow tines
Model Working Width Weight Working depth max Standard Solid Tines mm Capacity @**mm forward hole pattern Capacity @***mm forward hole pattern Tractor required
 7110 1.0m (39") 360kg 150mm (6")  12x150 55mm = 1980m2/h (21300sq.ft/h) 125mm = 4500m2/h (48437sq.ft/h) 13hp, lift cap 410kg
 1513 1.3m (51") 433kg 150mm (6")  12x150 55mm = 2388m2/h (25700sq.ft/h) 125mm = 5427m2/h (58415sq.ft/h) 20hp, lift cap 500kg
 1517 1.76m (69") 529kg  150mm (6")   12x150 55mm = 3136m2/h (33759sq.ft/h)  125mm = 7128m2/h (76725sq.ft/h)  28hp, lift cap 680kg 
 2216 1.6m (63")  840kg 225mm (9")   18x225 65mm = 2796m2/h (30196sq.ft/h)  130mm = 5592m2/h (60394sq.ft/h)  45hp, lift cap 1050kg 
 2220  2.08m (82") 1030kg 225mm (9")   18x225 65mm = 3728m2/h (40262sq.ft/h)  130mm = 7456m2/h (80525sq.ft/h)  50hp, lift cap 1300kg 
 7212 1.2m (47")  484kg  variable 250mm (10")    12x250 65mm = 1200m2/h (12960sq.ft/h)  165mm = 3000m2/h (32400sq.ft/h)  17hp, lift cap 568kg 
 7215 1.56m (61")  582kg  variable 250mm (10")   12x250 65mm = 1870m2/h (20196sq.ft/h)   165mm = 4680m2/h (50544sq.ft/h)  23hp, lift cap 700kg 
 7316 1.6m (63")  697kg  variable 300mm (12")   12x250 65mm = 1400m2/h (15120sq.ft/h)  165mm = 3640m2/h (39312sq.ft/h)  27hp, lift cap 825kg 
 7416 1.6m (63")  900kg  350mm (14")   18x300 65mm = 1360m2/h (14688sq.ft/h)  195mm = 4200m2/h (45360sq.ft/h)  35hp, lift cap 1050kg 
 7516 1.6m (63")  1161kg  400mm (16")   18x300 65mm = 1120m2/h (12096sq.ft/h)  195mm = 3360m2/h (36288sq.ft/h)  45hp, lift cap 1350kg 
 7521 2.1m (83")  1399kg  400mm (16")   18x300 65mm = 1470m2/h (15876sq.ft/h)  195mm = 4410m2/h (47628sq.ft/h)  55hp, lift cap 1650kg 
 7526 2.6m (102") 1643kg 400mm (16")  24x400 65mm = 1820m2/h (19656sq.ft/h) 195mm = 5460m2/h (58968sq.ft/h) 65hp, lift cap 1900kg
 7621 2.1m (83") 1744kg 400mm (16")  24x400 65mm = 1620m2/h (17496sq.ft/h) 195mm = 4850m2/h (52380sq.ft/h) 55hp, lift cap 2000kg
 7626 2.6m (102") 1994kg 400mm (16")  24x400 65mm = 2000m2/h (21600sq.ft/h) 195mm = 6010m2/h (64908sq.ft/h) 65hp, lift cap 2300kg

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